【Natural Formula】Pure body naturals anti-cellulite hot cream, soft, easy to absorb. Promotes faster burning of subcutaneous fatty tissue, helps break down fat cells in problem areas such as body, thighs, legs, hand, buttocks and abdomen. 【Anti-Cellulite Treatment】Natural blood circulation stimulating actives, effectively minimizes the appearance of sagging skin due to weight gain and aging. 【Perfect Body】Eliminates stubborn cellulite burns unwanted fat cells and works to prevent future fat accumulation and recurrence of cellulite. 【Massage Cream】Refreshing lotion texture, moisturizes and nourishes the skin to make it smooth and tender, improve skin elasticity, help shape a nice and attractive body. 【Meet a Better Self】If you think dieting and exercise are painful and hard to stick with, hot cream is the perfect workout aid for anyone who wants to burn fat, You should try to make a choice to help you have a good figure that everyone admires.

Severe pain is nothing to do with Icy Hot Extra Strength Pain Relief Balm. This non-greasy pain relief balm helps temporarily relieve minor pain associated with arthritis, muscle, joint pain, etc. This powerful pain-relieving formula starts working in minutes and lasts for hours, so you can feel like yourself again…without the pain. DIRECTIONS: Apply a generous amount of Icy Hot Extra Strength Pain Relief Balm to affected area, and massage until fully absorbed into skin. Repeat the operation if necessary, do not apply more than four times a day.


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